LawRight March 2021

We walk to support people like Sylvie:

Sylvie is a young person who struggles with pain and fatigue, but it wasn’t until midway through her nursing studies (and a battery of tests and medical appointments) that she was diagnosed with a chronic, degenerative health disorder. Adjusting to her condition, including surgery and learning to use a wheelchair, was physically and mentally overwhelming. Sylvie was determined to continue her studies, however her workload was challenging. With help from a psychologist in the Mater’s Young Adult Support Unit (YASU – a multi-disciplinary team), Sylvie applied to defer some assessment and provided medical and background reports. Sylvie and YASU were both disappointed when the University rejected the request and recommended she withdraw, even after she appealed.

Sylvie was then connected to LawRight and we advocated with the university which apologised, reinstated Sylvie and offered her additional support. It shouldn’t have taken a lawyer’s letter but until systems are improved, LawRight loves to address access to justice gaps. We are now working with Sylvie on her access to Centrelink and NDIS support.

LawRight is embedded two days per week at the Mater Young Adults Health Centre in a Health Justice Partnership which receives no government funding. The HJP collaboratively addresses the legal needs of young people managing chronic and complex health problems.

You can support the HJP by registering for the Queensland Legal Walk on 18 May 2021.

Where will we walk?

It’s the age of flexibility! Walk the way you want – the traditional Brisbane waterfront route, with a small team in your local beauty spot or solo in your front yard, starting at 7 am. We are also gathering walkers in regional locations and will bring everyone together with our digital broadcast of conversations, interviews and stories.

We’d love to help

Please contact our Walk team at if you want help to:

  • gather a regional team
  • decide what location works best for you
  • register yourself or a team
  • connect to a team your firm or organisation has already registered (or try using the unique team registration link provided to the team organiser)

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