Pro Bono Connect

Pro Bono Connect assesses applications for legal help and links vulnerable people to pro bono resources of the Queensland legal profession.

Responding to Natural Disasters

LawRight can offer both a crisis response and a structural, long-term response to disasters. LawRight is collaborating closely with other funded centres to ensure coverage for impacted communities as well as to gather data to support adequate, integrated and proactive responses by government.

Community and Health Justice Partnerships

LawRight nurtures partnerships with 13 services where staff and pro bono lawyers collaborate with health and community workers to increase access to justice. Scroll down to see our client stories with some of these services.

Court and Tribunal Services

LawRight has on-site offices and services at Brisbane registries and delivers remote services throughout Queensland to increase access to justice for vulnerable people navigating complex court and tribunal proceedings. Our strategic partnerships with law firms and barristers match pro bono assistance with the legal problem and capacity of the individual.