Asha’s Story

Asha is a single mother of five children who was at risk of being evicted into homelessness from her rental property. Staff and pro bono lawyers worked closely with Asha’s community support team to prepare for her tribunal hearing: drafting submissions, speaking notes, and providing advice on negotiations with the housing provider. Ultimately, the parties settled the dispute and Asha was able to stay.

“LawRight provided an invaluable service to our shared client. They took the time to understand the client’s goals and values and went above and beyond in assisting the client to prepare for a daunting QCAT Hearing. They also took the time to ensure that I had an in depth understanding of their work, enabling me to pass information on to other clients in similar positions. LawRight was instrumental in the client achieving a fantastic outcome and they have been a wonderful organisation to work alongside.”

– Kyabra community housing worker

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