Natalie's Story

Federal Court Services

Natalie’s disabilities prevented her from accessing a business and she brought a disability discrimination complaint in the Federal Courts after she couldn’t resolve her concerns through a Australian Human Rights Commission conciliation. Through several appointments, LawRight volunteers helped Natalie draft her originating application, affidavit, and a statement of claim. Her strong case elicited an early offer to settle and LawRight guided Natalie’s negotiations so that the matter was resolved without extensive litigation.

“I think this is a service that is needed, particularly by people such as myself who are unable to afford solicitors’ costs. The service meant that I was able to get justice within the system. I would not have been able to get any result otherwise. The other party in the case continually said that I would not win my case, expressing that they had more money on several occasions, this service ensured that I was able to reach a solution in my favour.”

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