Law Firms

LawRight helps law firms to deliver pro bono work in a strategic and efficient way.

Firms can participate in pro bono work with LawRight by:

  • joining the roster for the Court & Tribunal Services in QCAT, Federal Courts and/or State Court services
  • partnering with LawRight and a host agency to deliver a Community & Health Justice Partnership
  • joining the referral panel for pro bono matters (available to QLS members)
  • joining the referral panel for public interest pro bono matters
  • joining LawRight as a member, to provide financial support for structured coordination of pro bono work and to have access to all LawRight programs and CLE.

Participation in the Court & Tribunal Services, Community & Health Justice Partnerships and public interest referrals through Pro Bono Connect is available to LawRight members only.

How firms deliver pro bono through LawRight

Pro Bono Connect

LawRight refers clients with eligible public interest matters to member firms willing to help pro bono.

QLS Referral Scheme

Queensland Law Society members can participate in the QLS Pro Bono Referral Service that LawRight coordinates on behalf of the QLS. It is free to join, you choose if and when you take on a matter, and you receive emails about available matters.

We triage and refer clients to pro bono lawyers, giving priority to:
  • the public interest of the matter;
  • the level of hardship faced by the applicant;
  • the potential outcome;
  • the prospects of achieving a successful outcome;
  • the resources required to progress the matter; and
  • alternative options available to the applicant – including LawRight’s direct services.
Court & Tribunal Services

Volunteers from member firms provide discrete help to people involved in court and tribunal proceedings in civil law. The work is done under the supervision and insurance of LawRight staff.


Community & Health Justice Partnerships

Member firms partner with community and health services to help people experiencing homelessness or disadvantage in Brisbane and Cairns.


  • Cairns Homelessness Service Hub
  • Brisbane Youth Service
  • Micah Projects
  • New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
  • 3rd Space
  • Roma House