Gigi’s Story

Queensland and Administrative Tribunal Services

Gigi’s violent ex-partner brought proceedings against her in QCAT for a $20,000 debt. Gigi didn’t dispute the loan, which she had been repaying, but she didn’t accept the additional interest or the requirement to pay the balance of the loan in full.

Her partner, despite being the alleged perpetrator of the violence, had obtained a DVO against Gigi as a form of control. He constantly threatened to report Gigi for breach of the order, so she couldn’t contact him to resolve the dispute.

Pro bono lawyers at a QCAT service appointment helped Gigi draft a response to the minor debt application and a firm decided to provide on- going representation to Gigi. They negotiated with her partner, arranged mediation, a settlement and a no-interest payment plan.

“I would like to thank you and your team sincerely for your professionalism and help with resolving this. It is truly appreciated.”

– Gigi

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