B and A’s Story

State Court Services

B and A were disturbed by their neighbour’s conduct and complained to the neighbour’s employer. The employer held a confidential complaints process but took no disciplinary action. The neighbour commenced defamation action in the District Court about statements made during the confidential meetings.

B and A wanted to settle the dispute but had exhausted their savings on private lawyers with no resolution and an inadequate defence being filed. LawRight’s rostered pro bono lawyers helped B and A amend their defence and make offers to settle and have the dispute mediated. Their neighbour agreed to attend mediation and after further advice and the efforts of a pro bono mediator, an agreement was reached and months of stress for B and A ended.

“We had our mediation today and after working through everything …we have reached an agreement that puts this matter at an end… thank you so much for your support these last few months and also for [connecting is to the mediator].”

– Clients

“I feel incredibly honoured to be a…small part, of the incredible impact…that LawRight continues to make on our community across Queensland… When I [act as a pro bono mediator], it brings me immense satisfaction, beyond monetary terms. … Thank you…for the opportunity to help these parties to reach an agreement”

– Pro bono mediator

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