Flood Forum Story

Emergency Funding

LawRight was one of five Community Legal Centres that, together with Legal Aid Queensland, received three months of emergency funds in April 2022. This funding was extended in July 2022 by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General and augmented by the new federal government’s October 2022 budget.

Bill Mitchell, Principal Solicitor at Townsville Community Law, has been providing and researching disaster legal response since the 1990s and recently noted the following about LawRight to a sector flood forum:

“[LawRight] have always been a fantastic partner, have always very supportive of us and helping find connections. Well set to make connections between you, your client and lawyers with more capacity to help. So this is the time they really come into their own (not to make it sound like they’re not busy the rest of the time) so make use of those connections.”

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