Elaine’s Story

Elaine is a single mum who lost her job and her housing unexpectedly, had to put her belongings into storage and was using 85% of her income for emergency accommodation. Debt collectors harassed her, and she struggled with basic necessities. LawRight staff and pro bono lawyers helped Elaine resolve over $3,500 worth of debt and had $1,000 of her storage costs waived. LawRight’s financial counsellor helped Elaine enter a fairer plan to repay her fines and she is now safe in public housing. We continue to help her.

Elaine wrote and told us the story in her own words:

“I dont know how to say it without tears. My life was a struggle… I had no one to turn to… I lost my job and got kicked out of the unit with my [child]… We were on the streets. [They] missed school and I was struggling with… panic attacks. Couldnt afford my medications coz the little I had was going into fuel and food for my [child]. I was in the dark trying my best but still couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel until Micah Project got involved. They found us a place and not long after I get a call from LawRight. They well explained what they do and booked us for a longer meeting on the phone. From there my life changed. They helped me with everything that I couldn’t do on my own. They called to see if I was OK and was ready to help me sort my bad situations. Thank you… my [child] and I are living stress free from the work you did for us. I thank you so much and appreciate everything you have done for us. You saved us.”

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