Anna's Story

Anna’s Story

Restoring Survivor’s Rights and Confidence

LawRight first met Anna at a community centre, but she was reluctant to engage with us, having fled a violent relationship where she felt let down by the system, the police and other supports. She only spoke with LawRight lawyers because a close friend vouched for us.

Anna’s legal matter was complex. She faced financial issues connected to her experience of violence and wanted to access victim support but was hesitant. Working closely with our volunteer lawyers and financial counsellor over many months, Anna applied to Victim Assist and accessed $10,000 support. Over the same period, the financial counsellor empowered and educated Anna on her financial rights. Together they resolved various debts impacting Anna’s life. After building a relationship of trust, Anna began reaching out for advice before making big financial decisions. Anna is now living and working independently.

“I was in such a vulnerable state when I was first linked in with LawRight. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you have all played such an immense part in changing my life for the better and thank you so much for acknowledging the pain and suffering I had endured and by assisting me with not only my victims assist application but with improving my life.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met you and without your guidance, patience, and utter kindness. When I was first linked in with LawRight, I was lost, broken, and felt beaten and defeated. I gave up in life and could have ended up in a dark place. You provided support and understanding and helped me to pick myself up again and continue fighting. You not only assisted me with my victim assist application which I would never have been able to submit on my own due to the complexity and trauma associated with it but you also assisted me in so many other aspects which from the trauma had a ripple effect for i.e., especially my finances after I had a car crash had spiralled out of control.”

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Jane's Story

Jane’s Story

Ending the Domestic Violence Downward Spiral

Victims of long-term domestic violence with limited resources frequently spiral downwards and become involved in crime, as part of the cycle of abuse. Although Jane (together with her new baby) was eventually placed in custody, her spiral didn’t end there – now she had no capacity to make repayments on her many crisis “payday” loans and no control over how her property was used.

Jane knew she had debts but didn’t know what they were or how to manage them but was cautious about the LawRight financial counsellor who visited the Correctional Centre each fortnight. The other prisoners encouraged her to connect.

At her first appointment, Jane was shocked to learn that while she was in prison, her ex-partner had driven her car and incurred $6,000 of speeding fines in her name as well as a 6-month licence suspension. If Jane had driven her car on release, it would breach her parole and she’d be returned to prison.

Over many appointments Jane had the fines withdrawn and re-issued to the actual driver, which also lifted the suspension on her licence. LawRight also worked with Jane to resolve an additional $3,000 in other fines and $15,000 in crippling debts.

Over many months, the financial counsellor also increased Jane’s financial literacy and her understanding of her rights and entitlements. Jane learnt to budget and track her spending.

On release, Jane secured safe accommodation for her small family – housing that was only affordable and sustainable because her debts had been resolved. LawRight continues to support Jane – now firmly on her upwards spiral!

“I would like to say thank you so much for all of your help with my financial struggles if I didn’t have, you’re help I don’t know if I would have been able to get back into my feet. You went out of your way to help me resolve any issues with the department of transport and so much more I really appreciate everything you have done for me it has really made a lot of things so much easier for me to get my life back on track.”

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