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Help keep our financial counsellor service open

Alex was offered a personal loan while he was experiencing significant mental health and addiction issues. His loan soon “blew out” to a $13,000 debt. We met Alex when he had committed to rehab, obtained work and was expecting a baby with his partner. But the stress of working overtime to pay off his debts concerned his psychologist, who referred him to LawRight. LawRight’s financial counsellor worked with our staff lawyers to achieve a complete waiver of the debt and repair of credit history. The financial counsellor also negotiated an affordable payment plan for Alex’s fines.

Alex wrote: “You all have been amazing and I cannot thank you all enough for helping me with the biggest thorn in my side which was the loan. The bank removed the entire loan and every missed repayment off my credit file which will help me so much in the future. This service to me is something that could change the lives of so many people that genuinely need it. I am very grateful.”