Dear LawRight member barristers,

Thank you for your ongoing support of LawRight. It was a pleasure to see such strong support from the Bar at the Queensland Legal Walk and we also hope to see you soon at Red Wine for Justice (date to be confirmed very soon).

For the first time, we are offering auto-renewal of LawRight membership. If you renew your membership online, next year your membership fees will automatically be deducted, unless you opt out. We’ve answered some FAQs below, or feel free to contact us with other queries on (07) 3846 6317 or


renew now


Why move to automatic renewal?
This process will significantly reduce the administrative burden of membership renewals for LawRight and our members.When will the next payment happen?
Your next membership payment will be scheduled for 12 months from your first payment. At least 14 days before the payment is schedule, you will receive an email and have the opportunity to opt out.

How much is membership?
Your membership fee is calculated based on your years at the bar.

First year – $20
2-3 years – $100
4-5 years – $175
6+ years – $280

What payment method do you accept?
You can pay by credit card (including AMEX) or direct debit. If your details change in the next 12 months and the payment doesn’t go through, we’ll contact you to update your details.

Why be a LawRight member?
As one of our existing members, you may have directly impacted a vulnerable client through your pro bono work with LawRight, or have read our client stories, reports and submissions and want to support our strategic pro bono legal assistance. At her Welcome Ceremony, the newest member of the Supreme Court, Her Honour Melanie Hindman QC, referred to her pro bono work (including with LawRight) as one of the greatest achievements of her legal career.

More information is on the Barristers page on the LawRight website.

You’re making me use tech?
It’s barrister friendly! We tested it with the barristers on our management committee! Our learned friends Hamish Clift, Angela Rae and Andrew Crowe QC got through the process in a couple of seconds, so you can too!


renew now
Any questions?
Please give us a call on (07) 3846 6317 or email faithfully,
Sue Garlick and Linda Macpherson
LawRight Joint Directors