Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

Litigation Search

The following websites allow the public to conduct a search of matters before the courts to find out current status and documents filed.

  • Federal Court of Australia – For matters in the Federal Court of Australia and in the federal law jurisdiction of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia (
  • Queensland Courts – For Queensland District and Supreme Court matters (


  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Queensland
  • Guardianship and Administration Tribunal
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • Appeal tribunals formed under the Local Government Act
  • Children Services Tribunal
  • Fire Panel of Referees
  • Fisheries Tribunal
  • Health Practitioners Board
  • Independent Assessor under the Prostitution Act 1999
  • Legal Practice Tribunal
  • Misconduct Tribunal
  • Nursing Tribunal
  • Racing Appeal Tribunal
  • Retail Shop Leases Tribunal
  • Surveyors Disciplinary Committee
  • Teacher Disciplinary Committee
  • Valuers Registration Committee
  • Veterinary Tribunal