Nick's Story

Nick’s Story

Nick is a young man with an intellectual disability who was influenced by an older associate to make a prank call while he was drunk. This led to criminal charges but no conviction was recorded. However, Blue Card Services (BCS) cancelled Nick’s blue card, even after learning that since the charge Nick received an NDIS package which supported him to resist outside influence and that he was not considered a risk to children.

Pro bono volunteer lawyers helped Nick prepare evidence to review the BCS decision at QCAT and Pro bono barrister, Clare O’Connor represented him at a compulsory conference. At the hearing HBA Legal provided full representation pro bono and instructed Christopher Wilson of Counsel.

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Ji-Min's Story

Ji-Min’s Story

The service helped Ji-Min, who hired a car, which was stolen after her locked house was broken into and the car-keys taken. The hire car company started Magistrates Court proceedings for damages, arguing that Ji-Min failed to keep the car locked and the keys secure. She was told “she should have slept with the keys on her” and that if she didn’t propose a payment plan, costs would escalate.

Ji-Min tried to prepare a defence but found the task and process too complicated, so she reached out to LawRight. A pro bono lawyer helped Ji-Min understand the court process and the deficiencies in the statement of claim and assisted her to respond with a settlement offer. This was accepted and the matter was discontinued. This outcome resolved months of stress for Ji-Min and ensured that court resources wouldn’t be wasted.

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Evie's Story

Evies’s Story

Evie agreed to live in a run-down house and renovate it in return for a lower rent. When a relative of the owners started stalking her, she applied for a DVO and had to leave the house.

Despite multiple verbal and written agreements from the owners to return belongings she had left behind and to pay her for $35,000 of renovations, no payments were made. Evie wanted to start proceedings in the Magistrates Court but after a series of appointments with volunteer lawyers, she issued a letter of demand. The matter was resolved after we helped Evie respond to a settlement offer.

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