Toolkit: Enforcing QCAT or Magistrates Court Money Orders in the Magistrates Court

LawRight has created a self-help Toolkit for individuals who want to enforce a judgment, decision or order made by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or the Magistrates Court that requires someone to pay them a sum of money (Money Order).

The Toolkit explains:

  • What your options might be if the Debtor does not comply with the Money Order;
  • What an Enforcement Hearing is and how to apply for one; and
  • How to apply for an Enforcement Warrant.

Please note that the information in this Toolkit is for general information purposes only. The law, procedure and other information this Toolkit was based on could have changed. If you are unsure of anything in the Toolkit or need help to apply this information to your specific circumstances, you should seek legal advice.

Download or view the Toolkit online here:

This page was last updated 30 October 2023


The information in this resource is for general information purposes only and should not be relied on as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact LawRight or another lawyer. LawRight can only give advice to people who are eligible for our services.