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Accessing your QCAT file

ACP 1 – Planning for future health care – an overview

ACP2 – Advance Health Directive

ACP3 – Statement of Views

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Offers to settle

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation – Main page

Amending court documents – Federal Courts

Amending court documents – Queensland Courts

Appealing a QCAT decision

Appeals in the District Court of Queensland

Appeals in the Queensland Court of Appeal – how to bring an appeal

Appeals in the Queensland Court of Appeal – how to respond to an appeal

Applications in the Queensland Courts- a short_guide

Applying to QCAT for review of a Blue Card related decision

Attorney – General’s Fiat


Bankruptcy – applying for annulment

Bankruptcy – main page

Bankruptcy – reviewing a sequestration order

Bankruptcy – setting aside a bankruptcy notice

Bankruptcy – Opposing a creditors petition


Case Law

Cause of action

Civil litigation in Queensland

Class actions

Commencing court proceedings

Consumer Law


Costs in QCAT

Court etiquette

Court proceedings – making progress

Court supervision of cases

Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

Costs orders in Queensland Courts

Criminal and Street Offences


Damages and Loss

Dealing with lawyers on the other side of litigation

Deciding to commence legal action


Disclosure – practice and procedure


Discrimination claims in the Federal Circuit Court

Drafting a Defence – tips and examples

Drafting a Statement of Claim – tips and examples

Drafting an Affidavit

Drafting an effective reply and answer

Drafting an outline of argument or submissions


Emergency Examination Order


Enforcement of a monetary decision of QCAT

Enforcing Judgments

Environment and Planning 

EPA 1 – Enduring power of attorney toolkit

EPA 2 – Powers of enduring attorneys

EPA 3 – Duties of enduring attorneys

EPA 4 Remedies for breaches by enduring attorneys

Evidence and Proof in Civil Proceedings

Extensions of time


Fee reductions in the Queensland Courts

Fee waiver guide – Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Fee waiver guide – Federal Circuit Court

Fee waiver guide – Federal Court

Fee waiver guide – High Court

Filing documents in the Queensland Courts

Finding the law


GAA – Application for appointment of a Guardian or Administrator

GAA – Capacity

GAA – Duties of appointees and remedies in case of breach

GAA – End of appointment

GAA – Functions and powers of the Tribunal

GAA – Guardianship and Administration toolkit

GAA – Purpose of Act and general principles

GAA – Review of appointment

GAA – Types of substituted decision making

General information for  family members and other persons with ‘Sufficient Interest

General Legal Information

General protections claims in the Federal Circuit Court

Going to Court

Going to QCAT

Government Departments and Bodies

Guardianship and Administration


Health Care Planning

Hearings in court – commonly used words

Hearings in Queensland Courts – twelve tips

Hearings in Queensland Courts – twelve tips (Spanish_Translation)

Hearings in the Federal Courts

Hearings in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Immigration Law – Lawyers and Migration Agents

Involuntary Assessment

Involuntary Treatment Order


Justices Examination Order


Law Reform


Limitation periods


Malicious Prosecution


Mental Health Law

Multi department raids

Neighbour disputes


Not for profit 


Peaceful Assembly Act – your rights

Peak Professional Bodies

Personal Injuries

Police Misconduct

Policy & Research

Practice Support Self-represented litigants: Guidelines for Solicitors


Pro Bono

Pro bono legal services – a Queensland perspective

Public Interest


QCAT review of a decision made by Child Safety

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – Jurisdiction


Representation in QCAT

Representing yourself at trial – Queensland Courts

Residential Tenancies Database (eg, TICA)


Schedule of Limitation Dates


Serving court documents

Setting a civil trial date

Standing and involvement in legal proceedings



Time limits – calculating time

Time limits under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld)

Time limits under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld) – additional requirements for corporations



Unmeritorious proceedings and conduct causing disadvantage in QCAT


Video 1 – Starting a Court Case

Video 2 – Defending a Court Case

Video 3 – Disclosure and Proving Your Case

Video 4 – Attending Court Hearings

Video 5 – The Trial


Witnesses in QCAT


You and your lawyer